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Weight & Strength Training Equipment

Whether you are outfitting your home gym, or investing in your commercial exercise gym, weight & strength equipment are crucial to a well-rounded workout space. People tend to concentrate on the cardiovascular machines when they price home gym equipment, but strength training equipment helps you build lean muscle to fight fat growth and are integral to getting in shape.

Take a look at Fitness Edge's lower body weight lifting machines. Give your quadriceps a fierce workout, with varying resistance levels from beginner to advanced. Our dual purpose leg workout machines are two machines combined into one. These are great for gyms on a budget or that have space restraints. Keep your core in the best shape ever with our abdominal and lower back machines. The core of your body impacts all parts of your athletic life. If your goal is to improve stability or balance, always remember to work your core. Exercising your torso also gives you better posture, preventing chronic back pain in the future.

Multi Stack and Modular Weight Lifting Stations

Fitness Edge also offers multi stack and modular stations, allowing multiple people to get a workout at the same time on the same machine. Fitness Edge Online has the best multi station gyms available. By combining a number of individual stations, you can create the exact multi station gym you or your customers need. With Fitness Edge, you have all your gym equipment needs met.

  • Abdominal & Low Back Single Stations

    Abdominal & Low Back Single Stations
  • Home Gyms

    Home Gym and Exercise Equipment

    Fitness Edge offers the best home gym machines to strengthen and tone your body. Home gym and exercise equipment are designed to be in someone’s home. Therefore they are more compact and often combine many exercises into one machine to maximize on space. Basic machines allow the user to work the entire body while more advanced machines allow the user a greater variety of exercise to be performed. Our Body Solid G9S Selectorized Home Gym has all the features your home gym needs. From a traditional press bar designed to maximize chest concentration to a leg developer station to work every part of the lower body, this home gym will give you a great overall body workout.

    Another of our home gyms, the Powerline BSG10X with Leg Press, is a more simple design combining a lat pull down station and leg station. The lat pull down station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement. The leg station focuses on three muscle groups – the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus for an overall lower body workout.

    The best home gym machines will be easy to use, designed to work with your body and last for years. All of our home gyms are high quality, durable and of better design and workmanship than what you might find at your local sporting goods store. We have a great selection of home workout equipment to fit your space, needs and budget. Browse the best home gym equipment and buy today!

  • Lower Body Stations

    Lower Body Stations

    Fitness Edge Exercise Equipment offers the very best in leg workout machines. From calf raise machines to thigh exercise machines, Fitness Edge has what your gym and more importantly your members’ need. All of our lower body machines are crafted to eliminate ankle stress and give you consistent resistance through your full range of motion. Some of our leg workout machines provide the ability to target specific areas of the leg depending on the setting and the workout you choose to perform. The calf machine is designed specifically to work the calf muscles. But some of our other leg press machines allow you to do calf raises as well as leg presses which target the quads, hamstrings, gluteus and hips.

    Our dual purpose machines are one machine that can perform more than one movement. They are typically two machines combined into one. They are great for facilities that are tight on space or have budget restraints that would not allow them to purchase all of the machines that are individual. All of our leg workout and dual purpose machines keep your body safe and in the correct position as to ensure no injuries will take place.

  • Multi Stack & Modular Stations

    Multi Stack & Modular Stations
    Multi Station Gyms allow you to have more than one person at a time get a workout on the same machine. Multi Station Gyms typically come in two, three, or four weight stack configurations. Modular gyms allow you to take a number of individual stations and combine them to make the exact gym you want. Your space, needs and budget will dictate how many weight stacks you will need. All of our Multi Station and Modular Gyms are commercial grade and are used in High Schools, Colleges, Hotels and Apartments communities primarily. If you have a large enough room at your house a Multi Station Gym can be a great start in setting up a state of the art workout room right in your home.
  • Upper Body Stations

    Upper Body Stations

    At Fitness Edge, we offer a full range of upper body workout machines for commercial gyms to help keep you in great shape. From the classic lat pulldown machine to shoulder press machine, chest press machine, mid-row machines, and dual vertical press, our selection of commercial gym equipment offers everything you’d find in any quality gym. These machines are trusted by both beginners looking to begin building upper body strength; as well as professionals looking to target the muscles critical to their athletic success.

    Our selection offers machines from the leading brands – York Barbell, Inflight Fitness, and Body Solid. All of these machines are built for commercial use, designed to last for years with the appropriate maintenance. Fitness Edge also offers custom packages and solutions for those needing commercial gym equipment for their residential facility, hotel, office, or academic institution – call us at 1-800-896-7568 to learn more.