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Plyometric Workout Equipment

You don't have to be a conditioned athlete to benefit from plyometrics training. Plyometrics turn the focus of your training into power. A specific plyometric workout uses a plyo box for you to jump onto, giving this exercise its common name of "jump training." By forcing the muscles to contract quickly with a jump to a higher level, you improve reaction time and overall speed. Plyometrics bridge the gap between strength and speed. If you want to improve your athletic performance, the transition from strength training to power training will play an integral part in your success.

Plyometric workout equipment typically involves different box heights. Start with a box that is only a few inches off of the floor. Slowly work your way up to taller boxes. You can even purchase Fitness Edge's plyometric boxes & training ropes together for a vigorous workout. With battle ropes for sale, your trainer can push your workout to the max with an array of different arm workouts. From double arm waves to snakes to claps, the possibilities are endless with our battle rope exercises. Browse our selection below and bring the power to your workout today!

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Reactor Dot Drill Mat Reactor Dot Drill Mat
Our Price: $69.99
Stroops Accelerator Stroops Accelerator
Our Price: $164.99
Sale Price: $134.99
You save $30.00!
Stroops Adjustable Plyometric Box- (FLOOR MODEL) Stroops Adjustable Plyometric Box- (FLOOR MODEL)
Our Price: $279.99
Sale Price: $139.00
You save $140.99!
Foam Plyo Box Set (FLOOR MODEL) Foam Plyo Box Set (FLOOR MODEL)
Our Price: $995.99
Sale Price: $799.00
You save $196.99!
Foam Plyo Boxes (Set of 3) Foam Plyo Box Set
Our Price: $995.99