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Cable Machine Attachment Handles and Packages

Cable workouts allow the muscles to move in diagonal directions, unlike basic lifts limited to horizontal and vertical movements. However, your cable attachments also make a difference in hand and arm positioning. Look for straight, pull-down, and V press bars to maximize exercises.

For even more comfort, try a triceps rope. As you pull down, your hands and wrists remain in a comfortable position to avoid exercise injuries. There are even rubber ends to keep your hands on the rope during strenuous repetitions. At Fitness Edge, you have the freedom to select bars and ropes in multi-sets, allowing you to save money while still offering you and your customers a perfect workout.

Fitness Edge has all of the best gym cable machine attachments for your commercial and home gym machines. If you have any questions about our cable attachment handles or cable attachment packages or how to order online, please give us a call at 805-481-4700. Or email us, we’re happy to help!

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Stroops Contour Handle Stroops Contour Handle
Our Price: $29.99
Hampton Fitness Tricep Rope Hampton Tricep Rope
Our Price: $41.00