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Gym Flooring & Gymnastic Mats

Proper flooring, while often overlooked, is an important factor to be considered when creating the perfect exercise space. If unprotected, the potential for leg and foot injuries like shin splints are prevalent. The combination of proper shoes and well-conceived flooring is paramount to an injury-free experience.

At Fitness Edge, we offer a variety of flooring options suitable for every gym. Thick tiles of rubber flooring and ˝ inch thick rubber matting in the heavy weight area of the gym help support feet as they balance heavy loads, and help reduce noise while protecting the bare floor below. Yoga mats can be used in an area where stretching and independent work can be done. Special exercise mat types should be used under the elliptical, stair climbers, and treadmills to prevent slippage and protect bare floors.

Fitness Edge also addresses gymnastic needs. Polyethylene folding foam mats are available for tumbling and private training. There’s a range of gymnastic mats for all levels of gymnastic exercise. To keep things orderly, a hanging mat cart is also available.

No matter if you’re a bodybuilder or a ballerina, we have the mats and flooring you need to protect your floors – and you. Browse our selection today!

  • Exercise & Gym Mats

    Exercise & Gym Mats
    Exercise mats are an important part of any exercise program. Exercise mats are great for stretching, yoga, abdominal exercises and general floor exercise routines. We have small portable exersice mats as well as larger mats for Physical Education or a weight room facility where a larger number of people will be using them.
  • Weight Room Flooring

    Weight Room Flooring
    Equipment mats offer protection for your floor, keep your equipment cleaner and offer some sound dampening. We have exercise equipment mats for treadmills, exercise bikes, stair climbers and elliptical trainers. For benches, racks and weight machines see our selection under rubber flooring.