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Peak Core Performance with Plyometrics Training Equipment

Every great body starts with a great core. Performance exercise equipment at Fitness Edge Online helps you build your core strength, improving your agility, athletic performance, and more. Our selection ranges from core strength equipment like medicine balls to speed training equipment such as speed sleds and performance hurdles. Our selection of performance exercise equipment is perfect for school athletic departments looking to help their athletes perform at their absolute best; and plyometrics training equipment including mats and ropes make it easy to add core training exercises to any gym. Not sure where to begin? Give our consultants a call – we’ve been helping gyms, schools, athletic teams and others customize exercise solutions for years. We’ll work with you to understand the goals of your customers and provide them with the equipment they need to succeed!

Our Selection of Core Exercise Equipment

For those interested in working on core performance, trampolines and speed ropes are suggested. For speed training; velocity devices, sleds and harnesses, ladders, and hurdles make excellent choices. Plyometric training encompasses equipment that helps you build endurance. Plyo box sets and battling training ropes combined with hurdles round out Fitness Edge’s offerings for this equipment focus. Medicine balls, including medicine balls with handles, offer strength gains for every fitness focus. Our performance exercise equipment comes from leading brands like Lifeline USA, Body Solid, Dynamax and Champion Sports. No matter what your goals, talk to our consultants or browse our selection to start on your way to superior core and performance training.