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Olympic Plates

Olympic plates are a requirement for those serious about strength training. Weight plates are a staple of any gym, from the workout facilities of professional athletes to high school gyms. The freedom of weight plates, along with Olympic bars, creates a more complete exercise; forcing the user to work out not only primary muscles but stabilizing muscles as well.

Hundreds of exercises can be accomplished with the use of weight plates either with just the plate itself, or loaded onto a machine or barbell. Olympic weight plates are also tested for accuracy in weight, ensuring that the listed weight matches the actual weight of the plate.

Fitness Edge offers Olympic weight plates from the leading plates. All of these Olympic weights are tested for quality, designed to withstand the pressures of a commercial gym and serious strength training. Our fitness consultants can help guide you in selecting the right weight plates for your commercial gym. Browse our selection below or call us at 805-481-4700 to learn more.

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