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A Variety of Weight Lifting Equipment to Fit Every Gym

If you, or your customers, are looking to build muscle and reach peak strength, there’s no substitute for quality weight lifting equipment. At Fitness Edge Online we carry a full selection of high quality Olympic weight equipment and weight lifting benches, barbells, machines are more – all from the leading brands, providing the highest in quality and durability.

From the basic weight lifting bench set, to weight racks and smith machines, everything needed to achieve strength training goals can be found in our selection. If you’re not sure what machines you or your customers need to meet their fitness goals, talk to one of our experienced consultants – we work with schools, businesses, hotels, apartments and homeowners to help them create the
perfect workout oasis, with bulk pricing and discount bundles available.

Start your journey on the way to a more powerful you, or provide your customers, students and residents with the weight lifting equipment they need to reach their goals, today! Browse our selection of weight racks, smith machines, and benches from the categories above, or give us a call

  • Olympic Benches

    Olympic Weight Benches & Bench Sets

    Bring the feel of being a champion into the gym with Fitness Edge’s Olympic weight benches for all your customer’s upper and lower body workout needs. Start with a basic bench for lifting weights against gravity. Go even further and add a leg developer to the end of the bench. As the upper body rests between repetitions, slide down to the leg developer to work the quadriceps into shape.

    Our variety of flat, incline and decline bench press benches provide more workout versatility. Add weight racks behind these seats to keep resistance training flowing smoothly. Taking time to stop your workout to search for the right weight can decrease heart rate and stamina during a hand workout. Many bench sets even come with a 300-pound barbell set. Select the right combination of Olympic weight bench sets for your gym.

    Fitness Edge has the best weight lifting benches for sale for your gym. Browse and buy today! If you have any questions about our weight benches for sale or ordering online, please give us a call at 1-800-896-7568. Or email us, we’re happy to help!

  • Racks & Platforms

    Squat and Power Racks

    Fitness Edge offers the best in squat racks, bench and rack combo packages, power rack cages and half racks with lifting platforms. We have platforms and racks for any athlete’s workout routine. The York Barbell STS Multi-Function Rack is a power lifter’s heaven. Complete with a combo grip pull-up bar, weight storage, stainless steel hook-plates and the perfect place to add your own bench, this multi-function power rack is great for all strength exercises. Browse our selection below or call us at 800-896-7568 to learn more.