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Olympic Bars

Working out with weightlifting bars and plates allows for a more complete range of motion than using a weight lifting machine, requiring the use of not only ‘glamour muscles’ like biceps and pectorals, but stabilizing muscles as well. Using an Olympic weight bar allows you to train these muscles by exerting your own force and not lifting in a preset guided pattern. The weight bar is a staple of every gym, from neighborhood gyms to the training gyms of professional athletes.

At Fitness Edge, we offer a complete selection of weight lifting bars, with an appropriate bar for every exercise, strength and comfort level. From basic straight Olympic barbell to a deadlift bar, our selection offers everything you need to make your training regime and gym complete.

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YORK 7" North American Hard Chrome Bar - 30 mm York 7" Hard Chrome Bar
Our Price: $305.00
York Barbell Men's 2200 mm 20 kg Olympic Training Bar with Satin Chrome (28 mm) York Barbell Men's Elite Olympic Training Bar
Our Price: $496.00
Sale Price: $369.00
You save $127.00!
York Barbell Men's 2200 mm 20 kg Elite Competition Olympic Needle-bearing Satin chrome bar (28 mm) - DEMO York Barbell Elite Competition Olympic Bar- DEMO
Our Price: $641.00
Sale Price: $399.00
You save $242.00!

Olympic Barbell Styles

Our selection of weight lifting bars goes beyond basic barbells. We offer not only standard 7 foot Olympic bars, made of stainless steel from the leading manufacturers, but also offer specialty bars allowing the athlete to complete different lifts and strengthen every part of the body.

  • The Ivanko 20 kg Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is considered to be one of the finest Olympic bars on the market today. Made of the highest quality stainless steel, you won’t find a sturdier, no nonsense bar for your workouts.
  • The York Elite Competition Bar is made of high grade steel to ensure durability. They are also made from elevated temperature drawn high tensile steal which will give you the maximum strength and flexibility you are looking for in your bar. Available in a women’s weight and style, the York Elite is perfect for anyone looking to build muscle.
  • Choosing an Olympic Shrug Deadlift Bar will help you build thickness in the mid-back and upper trapezius muscles. Shrug deadlift bars eliminate the strain on the lower back and prevents you from making contact with the upper thighs and front torso.

Fitness Edge offers not only a variety of Olympic bars, but a full range of fitness equipment. If you’re looking to outfit the gym at your apartment complex, school, hotel, office or commercial gym; we offer everything you need to provide the tools of fitness success to your customers. Browse our selection or call us at 800-896-7568 to learn more about our fitness equipment selection.