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Lower Body Stations

Fitness Edge Exercise Equipment offers the very best in leg workout machines. From calf raise machines to thigh exercise machines, Fitness Edge has what your gym and more importantly your membersí need. All of our lower body machines are crafted to eliminate ankle stress and give you consistent resistance through your full range of motion. Some of our leg workout machines provide the ability to target specific areas of the leg depending on the setting and the workout you choose to perform. The calf machine is designed specifically to work the calf muscles. But some of our other leg press machines allow you to do calf raises as well as leg presses which target the quads, hamstrings, gluteus and hips.

Our dual purpose machines are one machine that can perform more than one movement. They are typically two machines combined into one. They are great for facilities that are tight on space or have budget restraints that would not allow them to purchase all of the machines that are individual. All of our leg workout and dual purpose machines keep your body safe and in the correct position as to ensure no injuries will take place.

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Inflight Fitness Seated Leg Press- USED Inflight Fitness Seated Leg Press- USED
Our Price: $3,295.00
Sale Price: $700.00
You save $2,595.00!
Nautilus Instinct Leg Curl Nautilus Instinct Leg Curl
Our Price: $3,040.00