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Home Gym and Exercise Equipment

Fitness Edge offers the best home gym machines to strengthen and tone your body. Home gym and exercise equipment are designed to be in someone’s home. Therefore they are more compact and often combine many exercises into one machine to maximize on space. Basic machines allow the user to work the entire body while more advanced machines allow the user a greater variety of exercise to be performed. Our Body Solid G9S Selectorized Home Gym has all the features your home gym needs. From a traditional press bar designed to maximize chest concentration to a leg developer station to work every part of the lower body, this home gym will give you a great overall body workout.

Another of our home gyms, the Powerline BSG10X with Leg Press, is a more simple design combining a lat pull down station and leg station. The lat pull down station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement. The leg station focuses on three muscle groups – the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus for an overall lower body workout.

The best home gym machines will be easy to use, designed to work with your body and last for years. All of our home gyms are high quality, durable and of better design and workmanship than what you might find at your local sporting goods store. We have a great selection of home workout equipment to fit your space, needs and budget. Browse the best home gym equipment and buy today!

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