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Home Exercise Equipment and Accessories

Fitness Edge offers an array of commercial and home exercise equipment, along with gym accessories, to help you round out your array of exercise equipment. All the accessories for training that you’d expect to find in the gym, you’ll find at Fitness Edge, including heart rate monitors, stability balls, resistance bands, aerobic steps and more. The ease of use of these items makes them a perfect option for low-impact training, or to begin exercising at home. You’ll find everything you need to begin your journey to fitness success within this selection of products.

Bodyweight Training

Fitness Edge offers bodyweight training accessories that allow you to tone and burn calories without excessive weights. Stability balls, the ab wheel, and ab mat will challenge your core. Chin up bars and weighted vests can be used to make your bodyweight training routine more challenging. Steps with risers make a versatile choice for an office, school, or home gym; adding an instant challenge to your exercise routine. Not only can they be used for step aerobics, they can be used as a part of strength training for creating more challenging pushup exercises. Step-ups are an effective exercise and are popular in public gyms. This exercise can utilize either the traditional or high step. Resistance bands are popular for toning muscles, allowing you to quickly work out arms, shoulders, and chest without the need for heavy machinery.

Featuring brands like Body Solid, CrossCore, and Polar, the comprehensive selection of fitness and wellness products will cover all the bases and provide you the tools you need to meet your goals. Our gym accessories, include heart rate monitors, fitness storage, and flexibility aids. Whatever you need to reach your fitness goals; Fitness Edge offers it. Browse our selection today!