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Free Weights – Flexibility for Any Gym!

Free weights allow users to adjust their workouts, offering infinite combinations of weights, positions and exercises to tone and strengthen every part of the body. At Fitness Edge Online, we specialize in offering free weights and strength training equipment to personal and business customers – so that no matter if you’re looking for a basic free weight set for strength training at home, or several sets in customized combinations for an office, hotel or school; you’ll be able to create the perfect environment for weight training. Our consultants have helped hundreds of individuals, schools and businesses create a great gym by offering customized solutions and bulk
pricing discounts, making the whole process easy and affordable.

Our Selection of Strength Training Equipment

Fixed dumbbells are some of the most basic exercise equipment, but also among the most versatile, allowing for hundreds of exercises almost anywhere. Kettlebells provide a different method of lifting weights related to the body’s natural movement, perfect for those looking for affordable strength training equipment to take their fitness to the next level. Barbells provide even lifting, eliminating the imbalance sometimes felt when lifting individual dumbbells in each hand. From bars to collars and the weights in between, Fitness Edge Online carries everything you need to create the perfect workout room, with strength training equipment from the leading brands like Troy, York Barbell, Ivanko, and Hampton. Get started by selecting a category, or giving us a call; and get on your way to a healthier,

  • Bumper Plates

    Bumper Plates

    Add more weight to your workout with bumper plates for sale. Bumper plate sets are integral for your commercial gym setting or your home gym if you are into power lifting. Bumper plates are designed to be used when performing any kind of Olympic lifts such as the snatch, clean and jerk, power cleans and power lifting movements.

    Rubber bumper plates allow the user to drop the bar after use without causing damage to the rubber floor or lifting platform. Regular Olympic plates are not designed for this type of use because they will cause damage to the floor, platform and bar.

    Fitness Edge offers many weight sizes and color schemes. Allow your members to throw down our rubber bumper plates without fear of damaging any of the other equipment. Check out all our different brands and choose what’s best for your home or commercial gym today!

  • Cable Attachments

    Cable Machine Attachment Handles and Packages

    Cable workouts allow the muscles to move in diagonal directions, unlike basic lifts limited to horizontal and vertical movements. However, your cable attachments also make a difference in hand and arm positioning. Look for straight, pull-down, and V press bars to maximize exercises.

    For even more comfort, try a triceps rope. As you pull down, your hands and wrists remain in a comfortable position to avoid exercise injuries. There are even rubber ends to keep your hands on the rope during strenuous repetitions. At Fitness Edge, you have the freedom to select bars and ropes in multi-sets, allowing you to save money while still offering you and your customers a perfect workout.

    Fitness Edge has all of the best gym cable machine attachments for your commercial and home gym machines. If you have any questions about our cable attachment handles or cable attachment packages or how to order online, please give us a call at 805-481-4700. Or email us, we’re happy to help!

  • Dumbbells


    Dumbbell weight sets are crucial to any fitness gym in your apartment building, hotel, municipality, college or high school. Fitness Edge Exercise Equipment has every piece of athletic equipment you could need. Our dumbbells are state of the art and are built with athletes and fitness fanatics in mind. Our line of Dura-Bell Dumbbells are sold in pairs and have guaranteed structural integrity with comfortable, easy to grip handles to keep you building muscle but not at the expense of your hands. They are perfect for your home or smaller sized gym.

    For fitness classes and low weight, high repetition work outs, there is nothing better than the York Barbell series. From fun color neoprene fitbells to vinyl round fitbells to professional chrome dumbbells, Fitness Edge offers it all. So stock your home or commercial gym with the best exercise equipment today. Shop Fitness Edge.

  • Kettlebells


    Fitness Edge offers the very best in body solid kettlebell sets and Russian kettlebells. Stocking your gym with a wide range of kettlebell weights and sizes is a great way to bring in athletes of all kinds. Work outs know no bounds when it comes to Kettlebell exercises because there are hundreds of different moves that strengthen every part of the body. Kettlebells are perfect for any fitness level so they are an absolute must piece of equipment at your gym.

    Competition kettlebells have become a bit of a phenomenon since the introduction of CrossFit. They are a hot piece of equipment for any gym and are available in many weights and colors. Competition kettlebells are perfect for competitive gyms like Cross Fit but are also great to add to the floor of your everyday gym to spur a competitive nature between members. Pick up your set of kettlebells today to ensure the best in fitness at your home or commercial gym.

  • Olympic Bars

    Olympic Bars

    Working out with weightlifting bars and plates allows for a more complete range of motion than using a weight lifting machine, requiring the use of not only ‘glamour muscles’ like biceps and pectorals, but stabilizing muscles as well. Using an Olympic weight bar allows you to train these muscles by exerting your own force and not lifting in a preset guided pattern. The weight bar is a staple of every gym, from neighborhood gyms to the training gyms of professional athletes.

    At Fitness Edge, we offer a complete selection of weight lifting bars, with an appropriate bar for every exercise, strength and comfort level. From basic straight Olympic barbell to a deadlift bar, our selection offers everything you need to make your training regime and gym complete.

  • Olympic Plates

    Olympic Plates

    Olympic plates are a requirement for those serious about strength training. Weight plates are a staple of any gym, from the workout facilities of professional athletes to high school gyms. The freedom of weight plates, along with Olympic bars, creates a more complete exercise; forcing the user to work out not only primary muscles but stabilizing muscles as well.

    Hundreds of exercises can be accomplished with the use of weight plates – either with just the plate itself, or loaded onto a machine or barbell. Olympic weight plates are also tested for accuracy in weight, ensuring that the listed weight matches the actual weight of the plate.

    Fitness Edge offers Olympic weight plates from the leading plates. All of these Olympic weights are tested for quality, designed to withstand the pressures of a commercial gym and serious strength training. Our fitness consultants can help guide you in selecting the right weight plates for your commercial gym. Browse our selection below or call us at 805-481-4700 to learn more.