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Cardio Machines for Gyms Big and Small!

Looking to work up a sweat? No matter if you’re looking to work out at home or making sure your team is running at it’s very best, Fitness Edge Online’s selection of cardio machines allows you to get the workout you need. Our selection of cardio exercise equipment runs the gauntlet, offering something for everyone from the diehard runner to those training for their next bike race. If you’re looking to bring the spinning experience from the gym home, or building a gym in your school or business; Fitness Edge Online offers everything you need to get your heart racing. Some of our most popular cardio exercise equipment selections include:

  • Elliptical trainers, which make an excellent choice of cardio machines because of their ability to work the user without excessive pressure on their joints. If you are buying for a school, hotel, or business, this is an ideal choice of equipment – offering all the aerobic benefits of a treadmill without hurting joints. Home users will also find benefit in the elliptical trainer’s low impact cardiovascular attributes. Star Trac models can be found at Fitness Edge.
  • Rowing machines are a great total body exercise. This strength-endurance motion simulates rowing a boat, utilizing leg, back, arms, and shoulders to achieve a cycle. These machines are great for interval training. Fitness Edge carries the WaterRower brand.
  • Treadmills are so versatile exercisers of all levels can use them. From a brisk wall to a fullspeed sprint, treadmills offer a selection of exercise options for their users. A necessity for any legitimate gym, one of the most popular cardio machines of all time. Fitness Edge carries Landice and Star Trac treadmill models.
  • Exercise bikes have come a long way from the stationary bikes of the 80s, offering more than just a workout – the adjustable resistance and inclines provide for a true indoor cycling experience. With recumbent and upright models available, exercise bikes are incredibly versatile for both the casual rider and hardcore biking enthusiast. Fitness Edge carries Star Trac models.
  • Aerobic steppers simulate going up a flight of stairs and are excellent for building cardiovascular endurance and strengthen leg muscles. One of the most popular cardio machines for those looking to tone and sculpt legs, Fitness Edge carries Stairmaster and Star Trac aerobic stepper models.
  • Spinner Indoor Cycles give you the experience of riding a bike outside. The positioning of the seat and handlebars make bodies work as they would outdoors during hills and steady state pedaling. Several models and brands are available at Fitness Edge, including Schwinn, Star Trac and Body Solid.

Exercise Bikes, Treadmills and More for Any Sized Gym!

Fitness Edge Online arranges for our cardio machines to be shipped directly to your home or office, so you can begin enjoying your workout sooner. From a single treadmill for your custom home gym to a fleet of exercise bikes for an indoor cycling gym, whatever you can dream up, for yourself, your school or business, Fitness Edge Online will help you create the perfect environment to meet and exceed your fitness goals. Give us a call today, or browse our online selection, to get the cardio machines you need to be at your very best!

  • Rowing Machines

    Rowing Machines
    Rowing machines provide an efficient and safe exercise, for those who want to improve endurance fitness and for weight-loss. The rowing machine movement simultaneously involves all large muscle groups so that energy is consumed and calories burned. When you want improved oxygen intake capacity and stronger shoulder, stomach, arm and back muscles, go for rowing. Rowing machines are also recommended for those suffering from neck and shoulder problems.

  • Stair Climbers

    Stair Climbers
    Stair Climbers offer a great cardiovascular workout while working all the major muscles in the lower body. A Stair Climber may be a good choice if you are tight on space as they only take up an area of 2' x 3'.

  • Treadmills

    Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment. All of our treadmills are engineered with a unique suspension system that reduces impact to your joints and back while providing a lively, responsive platform on which to walk/run. With less impact and a more natural feel, your workouts seem easier. This allows you to exercise more vigorously for better results. Weather you are looking for a simple treadmill to walk on or a heavy duty Commercial treadmill to withstand hours of use we have the right model for you.