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Body Solid 300 lb Color Rubber Grip Olympic Set With Chrome Bar
Body Solid 300 lb Color Rubber Grip Olympic Set With Chrome Bar

Our Price: $576.99
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Product Code: ORC300S

Designed using state-of-the art technology, Body-Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Plates surpasses all others in quality, accuracy, reliability and price. Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market. Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olympic Plates will not split, crack or peel. They are also impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking or losing their color. And the integrated metal sleeve provides a smooth, secure fit onto any Olympic bar. Heavy lifting has never been easier or safer.

The Body solid 7 foot Chrome bar is designed to take you to super heavy workloads. With precision engineering, this 86 inch long bar has a 600 lb capacity, and is triple coated to protect against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling. A great bar for a great plate set.

Plate Features -
  • Made with high quality, heavy-duty rubber
  • Quad-grip design for added safety and performance
  • Helps prevent scuffing and marring of walls and floors
  • Will not split, crack or peel
  • Impervious to rust, chips and flaking
  • Stays bright and colorful
  • Stands out in any workout environment
  • Integrated metal sleeve gives a smooth and secure fit
  • Fits onto any Olympic bar
Bar Features -
  • Designed for super-heavy workouts of 600 lb capacity
  • Triple-coated chrome coating
  • Rust, chipping and peeling resistant
  • Great all-purpose Olympic bar

Set Includes -

2 x 45 lb Plates
2 x 35 lb Plates
2 x 25 lb Plates
2 x 10 lb Plates
4 x 5 lb Plates

2 x 2.5 lb Plates
1 x 45 lb Chrome Bar OB86B
2 x Olympic Spring Collars

*Set of 14 Plates 2 Spring collars and 1 Chrome Bar Total