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Century Martial Arts

Century is one of the most trusted names in martial arts training, and youíll find their martial arts and boxing training equipment in gyms throughout the world. Fitness Edge is proud to offer their line of martial arts equipment and training accessories, so that you can train like a world-class fighter at home; or offer your gymís guests the options of a combative workout which will have their heart racing. If youíre training for Boxing, Taekwondo, or MMA; we offer what you need to reach your full potential.

MMA has taken on a life of its own over the past decade. Even if you arenít planning to enter the cage and fight, you can benefit from training like you will. Fitness Edge carries an array of Mixed Martial Arts equipment. Century Wavemaster base and hanging bags are featured, allowing flexibility and versatility unmatched by other boxing and kickboxing equipment. The adjustable height on the original Wavemaster standing punching bags allows you customize the punching bag to your height, allowing you to train properly. The amount of striking surface on the Wavemaster XXL allows for the ultimate in mixed combat training, and hanging bags allow for aerial assault practice.

Fitness Edge also features the Century Versaflex stretching machine. This state of the art stretching machine allows users to stretch at their own pace. Ideal for anyone who is interested in becoming more limber, the Century Versaflex is a must have.

Fitness Edge carries UFC Official Fight Gloves in sizes S to XX Large. Distinguished as the best MMA glove and the only glove to be tested and approved by the UFC, every sized hand is protected and sparring power is maximized.

No matter what you need for combat training Ė Fitness Edge has got you covered. Browse our selection of combat and martial arts equipment today and begin on your way to being a dominant fighter!