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Bumper Plates

Add more weight to your workout with bumper plates for sale. Bumper plate sets are integral for your commercial gym setting or your home gym if you are into power lifting. Bumper plates are designed to be used when performing any kind of Olympic lifts such as the snatch, clean and jerk, power cleans and power lifting movements.

Rubber bumper plates allow the user to drop the bar after use without causing damage to the rubber floor or lifting platform. Regular Olympic plates are not designed for this type of use because they will cause damage to the floor, platform and bar.

Fitness Edge offers many weight sizes and color schemes. Our Pendlay bumper plates, in particular, have a sleek look while you lift with ferocity. Allow your members to throw down our rubber bumper plates without fear of damaging any of the other equipment. Check out all our different brands and choose whatís best for your home or commercial gym today!

Body Solid Premium Bumper Plates
York Barbell Bumper Plates